Arenal Park

Visiting La Fortuna

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We left very early from San Jose to La Fortuna, the idea was that my in-laws knew the majestic Arenal Volcano.
We take the route that goes through Zarcero to visit the beautiful gardens of this beautiful town.
Unfortunately the conditions of the road that goes from Naranjo to Zarcero were deplorable, hollows of all sizes and some sections with lack of signaling. (Unfortunately the local government in that area is not doing its job.)

When we finally arrived in Zarcero my mother-in-law was in love with the wonderful gardens and the views of the area.
Then we take the route to Ciudad Quesada. In the course there was a lot of fog, please if you use this route be very careful because sometimes the visibility is very difficult.

 Of course on sunny days you will have amazing views of the mountainous landscapes that surround that area, with cattle that are mostly for milk production.

When arriving at La Fortuna, from a distance it was possible to observe the great Arenal Volcano, but suddenly the climate changed and unfortunately we could not observe this wonder of nature anymore.

That day we spent the night in La Fortuna hoping that the next day it would be possible to see the Arenal Volcano up close, but unfortunately it was not possible to see the Volcano either.
That day dawned rain, but that did not stop us from enjoying the wonders that La Fortuna has to offer. We toured the Hanging Bridges from where there is a beautiful view of Lake Arenal, we also went to the La Fortuna waterfall.

To end our trip we went to Tilaran, on the way you can see the famous Lake Arenal. It is really worth going to visit this area of ​​Costa Rica.

It should be noted that we went in January, it was still winter season.
I am sure we will return to La Fortuna in summer time (from February to May).

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